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Premium quality printed vinyl t-shirts only at inkwale

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Premium quality printed t shirts. 

At inkwale we believe our T- shirts should look the same even after washing it 10 times. Hence we create t- shirt design with USA quality vinyl that doesnt  fade its color or crack easily even after washing it throughly. 

Mostly t-shirts which we buy online or offline fades its color or the print cracks after washing or if i can frame it this way saying it doesnt look the same you worn first time. With the same first look is our vision we get you these vinyl t- shirts which looks brand new even after 10th washed.

And what if we tell you that  "YOUR NAME IS YOUR BRAND"  your are wearing. Yes, you get your name printed as label for t-shirt. SO wear your own brand now onwards.

Moreover many a times you cant express things to your loved once but with our tshirts speaks out for you.
Express what you cant express by words.
Dispatched within 2 days. delivery within 5-6 days in India.
International 2-3 weeks.


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