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Vinyl Heat Transfer Better Than Screen Printing
09 Mar

Vinyl Heat Transfer Better Than Screen Printing

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Has it happened with you?

Do you love Buying t-shirt but doesn’t feel like wearing it again after it is washed.

I will explain you what happens. Most of the tees in the market are screen printed.
Screen printing means pasting a color on tshirt. Or if I can save it more technically pasting color on pores of the fabric which holds them. Eventually what happens is when you wash this tee those pores of fabrics widen up and you see those cracks on the screen printed tees . Whereas in vinyl heat transfer, vinyl art work is stuck on fabric using heat. What happens hear is fabric could get worn out but the vinyl cannot get worn out. What vinyl we at inkwale.com use is USA quality which doesn’t get easily damaged even after tenth wash. So the tee art work what you get printed makes your tee look the same brand new even after tenth wash. Which makes product look premium even after the multiple washes.

Screen printing is no doubt cheaper than vinyl heat transfer but the quality is more important for us at inkwale.com

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