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What is Sublimation Printing
09 Mar

What is Sublimation Printing

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Let us understand first what sublimation is. It is a process wherein an ink is locked on paper and transfer to any material with help of heat.

You might be having this question Is this ink different? Is this paper different?

Yes definitely the ink is sublimation ink. Korean Sublimation Ink is best in industry. This ink doesn’t require high heat it get easily separated from the paper and transfer to material. It is said this ink is long lasting as well. It cannot be washed away easily.

Now coming to the paper, yes the paper should be ink absorbing paper. And again Korea produces best of these papers. There are variety of these, silver or golden foil on one side and now a day Korean is produce a similar paper with much cheaper substitute which produces as equivalent result as foil.

What material does sublimation works? There are many material from polyester, ceramics, glass, polycarbonate you can google it the list is just vast.

At Inkwale we use these 3d sublimation process for mobile cover where is a object is vacuum packaged with a sublimation paper resulting in print on all the sides of object. Transferring a print using sublimation is a medium to showcase endless creatively…

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