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Every Mug has story to share
09 Mar

Every Mug has story to share

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Coffee is Always associated with great innovators. And why not it should, as we all know caffeine stimulates the central nervous system wherein all ideas comes. And no doubt the ideas of decorating a coffee mug must be innovated by drinking coffee only.

At inkwale we use sublimation printing process to decorate our coffee mugs. Coffee mugs also has variety these days reactive coffee mugs, tall, grande size and many more. All ceramic mugs can be sublimated using technique which we use. Even steel cups which are trending in gym now a days can have your image or logo on it.

Trending these days is coffee mug with your logo on it as a souvenir to your customers and employees. These is what inkwale does in at a very affordable rate. Bulk order are taken by email at support@inkwale.com


Now as the title says story to share, share your coffee inspired story here in comment or tag us in social media facebook.com/inkwale

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